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Double Thallic Halide Salts

Double Salts containing Thallic Chloride, Bromide, or Iodide. - A very large number of these double salts is known.

The salts of the type TlX3.MX.xH2O appear to possess cubic symmetry, since Pratt and Wallace have shown that the asterisked salts crystallise in combinations of the cube and regular octahedron. Rammelsberg described the potassium salts of the type 2TlX3.3MX.xH2O as cubic, but according to Wallace the bromide is tetragonal (a:c = 1:0.7556) and the caesium cliloride is described by Pratt as hexagonal (a:c = 1:0.8257).

Two salts of the type TlX3.2MX.H2O crystallise in rhombic bipyramids, isomorphous with the corresponding indium salts and with ammonium and potassium ferric chlorides, FeCl3.2NH4Cl.H2O and FeCl3.2KCl.H2O. The data given below are due to Wallace: -

TlCl3.2RbCl.H2O; a:b:c = 0.9770:1:1.4388; density = 3.513 at 20°
TlCl3.2CsCl.H2O; a:b:c = 0.9690:1:3.4321; density = 3.879 at 20°

The following salts of the type TlX3.3MX.2H2O crystallise in tetragonal bipyramids isomorphous with the corresponding indium salts: -

TlCl3.3KCl.2H2O; a:c = 1:0.7941; density = 2.859 at 20°
TlCl3.3NH4Cl.2H2O; a:c = 1:0.8097; density = 2.389 at 20°.
TlBr3.3RbBr.2H2O; a:c = 1:0.8038; density = 4.077 at 20°

Thallic chloride combines with the chlorides of calcium, strontium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese, forming double salts of the type 2TlCl3.MCl2.6H2O. Thallic beryllium chloride, 2TlCl3.3BeCl2,and the ammonia addition-product of thallic cupric iodide, 2TlI3.CuI2.4NH3, have also been described.

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