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Thallic chlorate, Tl(ClO3)3

Thallic chlorate, Tl(ClO3)3.4H2O, forms deliquescent, rhombic crystals. Thallous perchlorate, TlClO4, may be obtained in aqueous solution by dissolving thallium in aqueous perchloric acid, or by mixing barium perchlorate and thallous sulphate. It crystallises in rhombic tablets (a:b:c = 0.7978:1:1.2898) of density 4.844, and begins to decompose at 300°. The solubility, in grams of anhydrous salt per 100 grams of water, is 10.0 at 15° and 166.6 at 100°.

Thallous perchlorate forms a complete series of mixed crystals with potassium perchlorate, with which it is isomorphous.

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