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Thallic sulphate, Tl2(SO4)3

Thallic sulphate, Tl2(SO4)3, is said by Meyer and Goldschmidt to be obtained by heating acid thallic sulphate to 220°. The heptahydrate, Tl2(SO4)3.7H2O, has been described by Strecker, but later experimenters have failed to prepare it.

Thallic sulphate is hydrolysed by water with great readiness, brown thallic hydroxide separating out. From a hot solution of thallic hydroxide in moderately concentrated sulphuric acid a basic thallic sulphate, Tl(OH)SO4.2H2O, crystallises out, accompanied by the amorphous basic salt Tl(OH)SO4.H2O.

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