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Thallium nitride, Tl3N

Thallium nitride, Tl3N, is obtained as a black precipitate when liquid ammonia solutions of thallous nitrate and potassium amide are mixed: -

3TlNO3 + 3KNH2 = Tl3N + 3KNO3 + 2NH3.

It dissolves in a liquid ammonia solution of ammonium nitrate, re-forming thallous nitrate: -

Tl3N + 3NH4.NO3 = 3TlNO3 + 4NH3,

and also dissolves when excess of potassium amide is added. The latter solution when evaporated at -40° deposits yellow crystals of potassium amide and dipotassium ammonothallite, TlNK2.4NH3, a compound which dissociates at 20° in vacuum, leaving the compound TlNK2.2NH3.

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