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Thallium sesquibromide, Tl2Br3

Thallium sesquibromide, Tl2Br3 or 3TlBr.TlBr3, is not so readily prepared as the corresponding chloride, since it is decomposed by water. The best method of preparation is to moisten 4 or 5 grams of thallous bromide with 1 or 2 c.c. of water and slowly add 0.5 c.c. of bromine. About 50 grams of water are then added, and the liquid brought to the boiling-point. The slight residue of thallous bromide is filtered off, and the filtrate caught in a vessel that is cooled by immersion in running water. Thallium sesquibromide separates out in bright red crystals. Water decomposes the bromide into thallic bromide and a solid the composition of which depends upon the relative amounts of sesquibromide and water, but which is intermediate between that of the sesquibromide and thallous bromide. Thallium sesquibromide forms orange-yellow or orange-red mixed crystals with thallous bromide.

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