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Thalloius bromide, TlBr

Thalloius bromide, TlBr, is prepared like the corresponding chloride. It is a pale yellow solid of density 7.54, and its compressibility coefficient is 5.2×10-6 per atmosphere. It crystallises in the isometric system in cubes, melts to a brownish-yellow liquid at 450°, and boils at 800° to 814°. The bromide is stable at high temperatures.

The solubility of thallous bromide in water, in grams per 100 grams of water, is as follows: -

Temperature, °C.18°20°25°68.5°
Grams of TlBr0.0420.0480.0570.247

The specific conductivity of the saturated aqueous solution is 192×10-6 reciprocal ohms per cm. cube at 18°.

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