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Thallous Alcoholates

Anhydrous thallous oxide dissolves in absolute alcohol, producing an alcoholic solution of thallous ethoxide, C2H5.O.Tl. A better method of preparation consists in suspending very thin thallium foil over absolute alcohol in an apparatus through which pure, dry oxygen is slowly passed. Even at ordinary temperatures the thallium rapidly disappears. The alcoholic solution thus obtained is heated to 100° to remove excess of alcohol, and thallous ethoxide is thereby obtained as a yellow, oily liquid. The density of the liquid is 3.522 at 20°, and 3.562 at 0°, so that it is an extremely heavy liquid. The refractive index for sodium light, 1.6826 at 20°, is also very high. Thallous ethoxide is readily hydrolysed by water to thallous hydroxide and ethyl alcohol. The corresponding amyl derivative is an oily liquid, but the methyl compound is a solid the specific gravity of which is about five.

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