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Thallous Borates

Thallous oxide dissolves in fused boron sesqui-oxide, and the liquid mass solidifies either to a clear glass or a crystalline solid. Various borates of thallium have been described by Buchtala.

Thallous tetraborate, Tl2B4O7

Thallous tetraborate, Tl2B4O7.2H2O, is obtained by dissolving thallous carbonate (1 mol.) and boric acid (1-4 mols.) in water, and crystallising. It is also obtained, together with thallous hexaborate, Tl2B6O10.3H2O, by fusing the carbonate (1 mol.) with boric acid (6 mols.) and crystallising the product from water. If more boric acid (8 mols.) is used, a mixture of the hexaborate and thallous decaborate, Tl2B10O16.8H2O, is produced.

Thallous octaborate, Tl2B8O13

Thallous octaborate, Tl2B8O13.4H2O, and thallous dodecaborate, Tl2B12O19.7H2O, are prepared by dissolving thallous carbonate (1 mol.) in excess of aqueous boric acid (10 mols.). The dodecaborate also forms a pentahydrate, which is monoclinic (a:b:c = 1.583:1:1.955; β = 94°25').

Thallous metaborate, TlBO2

Thallous metaborate, 2TlBO2.H2O, crystallises from water in colourless, wedge-shaped crystals which turn red and black on exposure to air.

Thallous perborate, Tl2B2O7

Thallous perborate, Tl2B2O7, i.e. is obtained as a white powder by adding 30 per cent, hydrogen peroxide to an aqueous solution of any of the preceding borates. It shows the usual reactions of a per-salt and explodes when rapidly heated. The aqueous solution decomposes on evaporation, thallous metaborate being produced.

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