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Thallous chlorate, TlClO3

An aqueous solution of this salt is obtained by dissolving thallium in aqueous chloric acid, or by mixing equivalent quantities of barium chlorate and thallous sulphate in solution. The chlorate separates from aqueous solution in microscopic prisms of specific gravity 5.047. The solubility, in grams of salt per 100 grams of water, is as follows: -

Temperature, °C20°50°80°100°
Grams of TlClO32.003.9212.733.757.3

One litre of the saturated solution at 20° contains 38.53 grams of thallous chlorate (Noyes and Farrell). When heated to 186°, the chlorate explodes.

Thallous chlorate is monoclinic and isomorphous with potassium chlorate; and these two salts form an incomplete series of mixed crystals with one another.

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